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Core Projects I’ll need to build

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Kenneth Godwin
·Jan 23, 2023·

1 min read

#1 – Open Operations Dashboard

  1. Tracking hours spent

  2. Tracking income

  3. Tracking expenses

  4. Project Analytics

  5. Project commits

  6. Mailing list size

#2 – Hosting Automation

My provider is going to be Linode but I’m mostly ignoring their managed services like Managed Databases in favor of learning how to manage my own DB cluster. Professional growth is part of the purpose of these projects. That and it's cheaper. A lot cheaper.

I’ll need to automate various hosting tasks via the Linode API as well as just manage normal stuff. I plan to dump all these tools in a repo, which may make it open. May not. Slightly concerned I’ll forget a key or password somewhere.

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